About Us

Seeking First Class Homes for Second Hand Pets

Second Chance was founded in 1985 as a privately-funded, all-volunteer organization dedicated to "seeking first-class homes for second-hand pets." Through the kindness of our volunteers and our foster homes, we care for animals of all types, either on a temporary basis while we search for a new, permanent home, or on a long-term basis while the animal is treated for illness or injury. At no time are animals euthanized just because they don't have a home - all animals have a home at Second Chance. Animals are accepted on a space-available basis. Our mission is to provide for the benevolent relief of unwanted animals. The organization will provide food, shelter, medical assistance, and general relief to those animals that have been made homeless through the acts or omissions of people; to provide this care for each animal while researching and approving permanent adoptive homes; to educate the public regarding the health, exercise, and general needs of these animals, as well as to the necessity of spaying and neutering as a means of alleviating the burden of unwanted animals; and to do every act as may be necessary to aid and assist the community in providing quality, permanent homes for these animals and to promote the goals and gains of this mission. Come Grow With Us

For twenty five years, Second Chance helped the homeless pets of Columbia in several locations throughout Boone County. In 2010, we moved just west of the Missouri River, 10 minutes west of the Providence exit on I-70, into a modern building of 6000 square feet on over 30 acres of scenic views, including a small pond. The location allows CSC to house the majority of our adoptable cats in spacious new Kitty Kondos, which were built during phase one of our construction project. Plans are also being developed for Puppy Pods for CSC's adoptable canines, which will be constructed during phase two. The new building already features a finished lobby, an upstairs loft area for storage and administration, and an apartment for our Adoption Center caretaker. Of course this exciting new venture would mean nothing without your help. CSC is counting on our dedicated group of volunteers and supporters to continue doing what you do best so that our new facility can fulfill all its potential for the growth and development of our wonderful organization. It's thanks to all that dedication that CSC has grown so much and we hope will continue to grow far into the future.